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• We will always endeavour to find the very best home for every Ragdoll we work with.

• We will match the right Ragdoll to the right home situation and will not home on a first come first served basis.

• All those wishing to adopt a Ragdoll via the UKRCC will be required to complete and submit an adoption application form.

• We will carry out a home assessment on all prospective adopters before placing a Ragdoll with them, so we can be sure they can offer a suitable home.

• All donors of Ragdolls for rehoming will be required to complete and sign a donor form, giving all information relevant to their Ragdoll.

• We will endeavour to gain as much information as possible from current owners about their Ragdoll e.g. health, vaccination status, behaviour, temperament, reason for rehoming etc. and make it available to potential adopters.

• If a Ragdoll is at risk, or needs to be removed from the home immediately we will find a foster home and the Ragdoll will stay in foster care until we find a suitable, permanent home. While a Ragdoll is in foster care it remains the ultimate responsibility of the UKRCC. Veterinary expenses and fostering fees will be met from UKRCC funds.

•The UKRCC will meet the costs of neutering, re-vaccination, dental and dematting for any Ragdoll requiring such treatments at the time of adoption, on the authorisation of the trustees. The UKRCC will not meet the costs of flea or worm treatments or fees for general health checks.

• All rehome Ragdolls that have been allowed access to outside will be tested for FIV and FeLV before being placed into a new home.

• Where the breeder of the Ragdoll is known, at the discretion of the UKRCC and with the owner’s permission, we will contact the breeder to inform them we have been asked to rehome one of their Ragdolls. Where the owner requests confidentiality, this will always be respected.

• All owners giving up their Ragdoll will be asked to complete and sign a handover agreement. This agreement must be handed to the adopter when the handover takes place.

• All adopters will be asked to complete and sign a homing agreement and to make a minimum donation of £90 to the UKRCC welfare fund, for each cat adopted regardless of the age of the Ragdoll.

• The handover and rehoming agreements, together with the donations, must be sent to the UKRCC registered address within five days of the adoption.

• We will work to support and advise adopters once they have rehomed a Ragdoll, offering advice and information whenever needed, for the life of the Ragdoll.

• We will work with other cat rescue groups in the welfare and rehoming of any Ragdolls they have in their care.

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18th January 2006

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