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If you wish to be included in the Registered Breeders section, please complete our on-line form.   There is a £14 annual service fee which will go towards the maintenance costs of this website. All additional funds raised will go to the UKRCC welfare fund for Ragdolls. We ask that :-

All breeders comply with the GCCF general code of ethics.

All kittens are registered with the GCCF before being homed.

A reciprocal link to the UKRCC is placed on the breeders website.

The UKRCC is a registered Ragdoll welfare Charity. Our prime concern is the welfare of the breed. Where a complaint is received against a listed breeder, we will look into this and if the breeder is found to be in breech of the GCCF code, the listing will be removed.

Please note that your entry will not be activated until we have received payment.

If you agree with these terms and conditions, please click on the form button to enter your details.


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